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APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning

Mojo Business offers the training and development programmes specific to Product Design activities in the following areas:


APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning

One of the most recognised product and process development models available and used extensively throughout the manufacturing sector.


QFD Quality Function Development

The most important part of any project is understanding the Needs of the Customer and translating this into Design Requirements. QFD is the industry standard tool to facilitate this process.


DFMEA Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

Understanding what the Customer wants is only one part of the process. Understanding how the product/part can fail is key to any successful design. The DFMEA is a robust risk management tool which provides measureable risks associated with any product or service prior to design.


DVP&R Design Verification Planning & Reporting

Advanced product design requires testing and validation prior to and throughout pre-launch. The DVP&R tool provides sampling, acceptance criteria, results and action reporting throughout this process.


DFMA Design For Manufacture and Assembly

Ensuring a design can be manufactured within the existing capabilities of the business is critical. The DFMA provides a measureable assessment of your businesses capability to manufacture or deliver a new product or service prior to design freeze. It also identifies new process capability requirements to achieve advanced customer requirements.


Taguchi and DOE (Design of Experiments)

Statistical analysis of multi-variant data to provide predicted outcomes is key to design development from FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to prototype freeze stage. Taguchi Orthagonal Arrays and DOE principles make the experiment design stable and consistent.

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